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About Us
Specializing in the production and sales of fire damper products and manufacturers of central air conditioning end products.

July 1985

Shanghai Huili Machinery Factory was established, gradually expanding Cabinet market, introduction of air-conditioning product research and development, and bring products to market .

Oct. 2005

Shanghai Shinelong Air Conditioning Co Ltd was established . On the base of leading position in domestic market, continue expanding overseas markets . Products positioning in “high efficiency, energy saving and environmental protection” , markets not only cover all the China ,also turn to Europe, USA, Southeast

Asia and other regions.

Shanghai Shinelong – Huili Air Conditioning Co Ltd was established . Products have been widely used in

whole nation’s all kinds of high-rise buildings ,modern plants, nuclear engineering, ship warship , which

occasions requiring air conditioning, covering Beijing, Tianjin, Shanghai, and almost all the big cities ; Besides, ShineLong’s products had been highly enjoyed in Japan, Europe, Singapore ,Korea ,and other countries and regions. Since 1995, ShineLong has become the designating manufacturer of JAPAN KUCHO GIKEN KOGYO Co., Ltd ,exporting more than 2 containers’ products to Japan every week.

March 1993

May 1983

Shanghai Huamei Aluminum Window Factory was established, make cabinets for town shops.

April 2008

Tianjin Shinelong Air Conditioning Co Ltd was established . located in Baodi Jiuyuan low carbon industrial park, It covers an area of 400000m2, workshop area of ​​12000 m2. ShineLong has established a marketing and sales operations centers in Shanghai, Tianjin, Hangzhou, Nanjing, Jinan, Beijing and other cities . Currently supply for North region begun by Tianjin factory, Shinelong has increased its market share advantage in the North China.

Shanghai Huili Air Conditioning Co Lt was established, steady expansion of air conditioning diffuser products market, Products sold to air conditioning occasions which requiring good quality products , such as Shanghai cotton 17 factory and other domestic factories.

Oct. 1988

Development Path