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About Us
Specializing in the production and sales of fire damper products and manufacturers of central air conditioning end products.
        Many factors are combined so we can create the best ventilation.
        The first is special raw materials, followed by modern processing techniques and equipment. We hope that our work has always been accurate and efficient. We require machines to meet special process requirements, so many of our equipment is manufactured by us. Our equipment engineers can provide the most advanced technical solutions and even complete very difficult tasks.
        Last but not least: our employees. Use their extensive experience, knowledge and skills to ensure that products that meet customer needs are manufactured. Therefore, we can guarantee our commitment to our customers. Our ventilation equipment is precision-manufactured through many processes. From forging, machining, quenching, surface treatment, etc., to product packaging, all processes are completed in our factory. This means we have direct and complete control over the entire production process of the product. Centralized production also allows us to respond quickly and implement improvements quickly.