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About Us
Specializing in the production and sales of fire damper products and manufacturers of central air conditioning end products.
Shanghai ShineLong Air Conditioning Co., Ltd is specialized in producing and selling the ending equipment of Air-conditioning and Fire Damper series. The factory is seated in Huqiao Industrial Zone, Feng Xian, Shanghai, China, where is very prosperous. It covers an area of 28000 square meters, and the workshop is 18000 square metes. ShineLong Products are widely used high-raise buildings, modern factories, nuclear projects, ships etc. spaces which need air regulation. Sales areas cover every big city of China, and also products sell well on the markets of Japan, Europe, Singapore, Korea ect. countries and regions.
Shanghai ShineLong-HULI Air Conditioning which is established in 1993 replaced with Shanghai ShineLong Air Conditioning Co., Ltd for necessary of business development, so they have the same legal entity.
Our company has 280 employees, including 36 technicians, and in the technicians there are 3 senior technicians and 25 intermediate technicians. We had established performance testing centre for acoustics and aerodynamics cooperating with Shanghai Tongji University in 1995, which improved the products performance in respect of accuracy and reliability. And we have our own products testing centre and professional products development research laboratories. We have established special technical cooperation with Shanghai Polytechnic University on Constance Air Volume Damper since 2005, and our company have established air conditioning laboratory in 2009, which is used as the ventilation performance and noise performance etc. technical performance testing for the Air Damper and Fire Damper series products.
Tianjin ShineLong Air Conditioning Co., Ltd was established in April, 2008 to expand the North China market, and the registered capital is 5 million RMB. The factory is seated in Jiuyuan Industrial Zone, Baodi, Tianjin, China, it covers an area of 26000 square meters, and the workshop is 16800 square meters. We have successively established four offices, there are Hangzhou Office, Nanjing Office, Jinan Office, Tianjin Office, in order to expand the products coverage.
Over the years, ShineLong has been Oriented towards "Innovation and Development", gradually established and improved all the inner management systems, carried out modern business model of the parallel of producing and marketing ,provided high-quality products and good services. In order to enhance the competitive power, participate in the competition of international market , we have implemented international quality management system of ISO9000 series from July ,1998.
On the product development, bases on the principle of "Strict Design, Strives for Excellent", totally promote the inner information management systems and the computer assistant design systems, combines with the new development tide of the international central air-conditioning equipment, comes into our own complete ending central air-conditioning series, including air diffuser, regulation damper, fire damper, silencer, air conditioning, flexible hose, spiral air duct etc. products.
On the processing technique, insists on the principle of "First-class Equipment, Quality-oriented", introduces the advanced equipment of sheet metal processing such as bending ,stamping and the pipes processing from Japan, Germany, America etc. nations and areas, goes in for developing elastic processing mode of many varieties, few batches, carries out the mould production and standard operation model, combines with the requirement situation of shorter delivery cycle and many more kinds of specs, successively bring out the processing pipelines of air diffuser, regulation damper, fire damper, spiral air duct, aluminum foil flexible hose and painting lines of electrophoresis, spraying plastic, spray painting, lays the foundation for company to quantify production ,shorten delivery cycle time, improves quality and reduces the cost.
On the services, follow on the principle of "Delivery in Time, Service in Good", form a strict management mechanism of every link operational process from the order, plan, product, delivery to after service, could provide high-quality products and considerate services for clients.
For years, ShineLong's products have spread over the whole nation's all kinds of big architectural complex on the advantage of quality and price i.e. in the cities' many modern factories, high-rise office buildings of Beijing, Shanghai, Suzhou, Kunshan, Jinan, Zhengzhou, Lanzhou, Zhangzhou and so on, besides, we termly export products to Singapore, Malaysia, Hongkong and other countries and regions. ShineLong became the designating manufacture of JAPAN KUCHO GIKEN KOGYO Co., Ltd from 1995, exports more than 3 containers to Japan every week. ShineLong has reached a cooperation agreement with KGK since 2000, accelerated the integration with the international market, and made the technological development and production quality keeping pace with the international advanced level.
ShineLong is the Certification of New Hi-tech Enterprises of Shanghai, China; international quality control system of ISO9000:2000 company, Shanghai Contract Keeping and Credit Company First Company.